Exchange Bank Scheduler
Choose your banking services wisely...
It takes a lot of time and energy to run a business. Each business has unique needs. So, no matter how small or large your business is, it is important to select a checking solution that is right for your business.
Regular Business CheckingSole Proprietor CheckingBusiness Advantage CheckingNon-Profit Business CheckingBusiness Checking Plus Interest
Designed for small to medium size businesses with low to moderate level of activity.Designed for sole proprietors with basic checking needs.Designed for medium size business customers with greater transaction volume.Designed for incorporated and unincorporated non-profit organizations.Designed for sole proprietors, non-profit organizations and government agencies who want to earn interest on checking balances.
Business Debit MasterCard®No FeeNo FeeNo FeeNo FeeNo Fee
Basic Business Online Banking1No FeeNo FeeNo FeeNo FeeNo Fee
Monthly Maintenance Fee$15.00$10.00$25.00$6.00$13.00
The Monthly Maintenance Fee is Waived when one of the following is met during the statement cycle:
Average daily collected balance$5,000$2,500$10,000$1,000$5,000
Average daily collected balance in combined deposit accounts2$15,000$10,000$30,000$10,000$10,000
OtherEnrolled in Cash Manager Plus or Cash Manager Executive Service50% waiver with 15 or more point of sale (POS) debit card transactionsAverage daily collected balance of $75,000 or more is maintained in deposit and loan accounts2
Transactions per Month3200 transactions, thereafter $0.30 per item100 transactions, thereafter $0.30 per item400 transactions, thereafter $0.30 per item100 transactions, thereafter $0.30 per item3,4150 transactions, thereafter $0.30 per item3,4
Currency supplied or deposited$10,000 per month, thereafter $0.15 per $100$5,000 per month, thereafter $0.15 per $100$20,000 per month, thereafter $0.15 per $100$10,000 per month, thereafter $0.15 per $100$10,000 per month, thereafter $0.15 per $100

(1) Basic Business Online Banking allows you to view transactions and account balances, make transfers between linked deposit accounts at Exchange Bank, view and print images of checks written and initiate stop payments. (Additional transaction fees may apply. Please refer to the Business Deposit Account Fee Schedule).

(2) You must designate the accounts you want us to link to your checking account for pricing. Linked accounts must be same ownership. Deposit accounts include checking, savings, money market and time deposit accounts.

(3) Processed transactions include checks paid, deposits, in-branch withdrawals and all deposited items. Transaction count excludes ACH debits or credits and ATM/POS transactions. Additional fees apply if you exceed noted activity.

(4) For non-profit organizations with a Business Checking Plus Interest or a Non-Profit Business Checking the processed transaction count does not include deposited items.