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A really unique bank.

Stability, Longevity and Service

Exchange Bank has had only nine presidents in its long history. Father and son Manville Doyle and Frank Doyle co–founded the Bank in 1890. Frank Doyle served as President until 1948. Our third and fourth presidents, Charles Reinking and Andrew Shepard presided over a time of expansion and banking innovation. In 1986, C. William Reinking became Exchange Bank’s fifth president, and J. Barrie Graham became our sixth president in 2003. In 2008, Bill Schrader became our seventh president and gained the title of CEO in 2010. In 2014, Gary Hartwick became our eighth president and CEO. In 2021, Troy Sanderson became Exchange Bank’s ninth president and CEO.

Photo Manville Doyle

Manville Doyle

1890 – 1916

Photo Frank Doyle

Frank Doyle

1916 – 1948

Photo Charles W. Reinking

Charles W. Reinking

1948 – 1969

Photo Andrew J. Shepard

Andrew J. Shepard

1969 – 1985

Photo C. William (Bill) Reinking

C. William (Bill) Reinking

1985 – 2002

Photo J. Barrie Graham

J. Barrie Graham

2003 – 2008

Photo William (Bill) Schrader

William (Bill) Schrader

2008 – 2014

Photo Gary Hartwick

Gary Hartwick

2014 – 2020

Photo Troy Sanderson

Troy Sanderson

2021 – Present

Large Photo Frank P. Doyle

Frank P. Doyle, Co-founder and President

Nothing displayed Frank Doyle’s commitment to Santa Rosa more than a simple piece of paper—his last will and testament. Doyle wanted the Bank to remain a locally owned and managed institution long after he was gone. Rather than giving his stock to his heirs, his controlling interest (50.44% of the common stock) was put into a perpetual trust—the Frank P. Doyle and Polly O’Meara Doyle Scholarship Fund, to assist in the education of “…worthy young men and women attending Santa Rosa Junior College.” Today our community knows it as the Doyle Scholarship. Since 1948, the scholarship fund has provided over $100 million to more than 140,000 students. The trust ensured that Frank Doyle’s legacy of community commitment would always stand as an active example for the rest of the Exchange Bank family.

Mission Statement

From generation to generation, we invest in people, business and community to build a strong future.

Vision Statement

We want to be your bank, making a difference in the communities we serve, to create a better future for generations to come.

Core Values

Exchange Bank’s legacy is one of financial leadership and community support, which we will continue through responsiveness to the needs of our customers and communities. As a public company, we strive for an attractive long-term return for our shareholders, act as a responsible community citizen and demonstrate leadership in local business and community circles. We support our communities with our money, time and talent.


We value the diversity of our customers, employees and communities. We believe that everyone is entitled to be treated with fairness and respect. Our employees are empowered to think independently, act resourcefully, and are charged with the responsibility of representing our values within the organization and in the community.


Our business is grounded in trust. We are committed to acting with the highest standards of personal, professional and organizational integrity and character.


Together, we are stronger and wiser than any of us individually. We foster a spirit of enthusiasm, professionalism, engagement and fun while working together in pursuit of common goals. We are known as people who care about our customers, our company, our communities and one another.