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Apple Pay™


Make Payments with a Tap of Your Finger on Apple Pay™

Exchange Bank is excited to announce Apple Pay™ is now available using your Exchange Bank Debit MasterCard®. With a single touch on your iPhone 6, iPad or iWatch you can pay at merchants displaying the contactless symbol, the Apple Pay™ icon, or within participating apps. A few things to note about Apple Pay™:

  • For a selection of merchants that accept contactless payment, click here.

  • If a merchant asks for your card number after you’ve made a purchase with your Debit MasterCard®, please use the last 4 digits of the Device Account Number (located in the lower left hand corner on your phone’s Debit MasterCard picture). This is not to be confused with the last 4 digits of the card number.
  • There are no changes to your Debit MasterCard®.
  • You can continue to make purchases with your Debit MasterCard®, even if you lose your device.

Add Your Card

Open the Wallet app to add your eligible cards.

Pay at Participating Stores

Hold your iPhone 6 near the contactless reader with your finger held on Touch ID.

Review Your Transactions

Log into Exchange Bank Mobile Banking.


To view a brief video on how to set up Apple Pay™, please click here.

If you require assistance in activating your Debit MasterCard® in Apple Pay™, please contact Exchange Bank Customer Care Center at 707.524.3000 or 800.995.4066.

Please stay tuned for information about additional mobile pay applications coming soon.

Thank you for choosing Exchange Bank.