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Cash Management

Organize. Analyze. Reconcile.

Exchange Bank’s Cash Management Services are the keys to your success.

Cash management is a financial discipline essential to the successful operation of any company, regardless of size or industry. Whether your business is small or large, new or established, Exchange Bank has the products and services that will contribute to your overall success. We will work with you to improve cash flow, earn additional revenue, reduce labor costs and much more.

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Some of the Cash Management products offered by Exchange Bank are:

EB Online

Gain access to your accounts 24/7. EB Online banking allows you and selected employees to:

  • Review balance information and reconcile accounts
  • Pay bills
  • Move funds between accounts
  • Concentrate and disburse funds via ACH
  • Initiate wire transfers and stop payments
  • View images of your checks online

Contact us to learn about all the ways EB Online will benefit your business.

FASTcheck Digital Deposit

Make deposits electronically 24/7** from the convenience of your office with FASTcheck Digital Deposits. Utilizing a desktop scanner connected to your PC and the Internet; scan your checks then transmit data and check images electronically to Exchange Bank for deposit.

Positive Pay

Positive Pay safeguards your company against check fraud by comparing check issued information to checks presented for payment. As checks are presented to Exchange Bank they are matched by serial number and amount to your records. We will report any discrepancies and pay or return those items based on your instruction.

Account Reconciliation

Increase accuracy, reduce office labor and paperwork. Account reconciliation services are designed to minimize the time and effort spent on the account reconciliation process. Simply send us a record of issued checks and we will create a listing of both paid and outstanding checks, deposits to the account, and exception items.

Zero Balance Accounts (ZBAs) and Target Balance Accounts (TBAs)

Eliminate the need to manually fund disbursement accounts with multiple transfers, and still keep track of different types of payments such as payroll, dividends, and accounts payable:

  • Disbursement accounts are linked to your main account.
  • A debit or credit balance accumulates in the ZBA or TBA on a daily basis as checks and
    deposits are presented through normal banking channels.
  • At the close of business, a single debit or credit entry is made to the ZBA or TBA bringing
    each ZBA to zero or each TBA to the target balance.
  • If you are a user of EB Online, zero balance transactions and target balance transactions
    will be available for viewing on a daily basis.

ACH Collections and Disbursements

Exchange Bank Automated Clearing House (ACH) Collection is an efficient and cost effective method of collecting your company’s receivables and is ideal for recurring payments such as membership dues, lease or loan payments, utility payments, or charitable contributions.

ACH disbursement quickly and conveniently disburses your company’s payments electronically using the ACH system. ACH disbursement is ideal for payroll and a variety of other kinds of payments such as dividends, interest, expense reimbursement, insurance claims, and vendors.


CD-ROM Check Imaging

CD-ROM Check Imaging is useful for companies with multiple accounts and high check volumes because it stores front and back images of all canceled checks on a CD-ROM

Electronic Tax Payments

If your company meets Electronic Federal Tax Payments Systems (EFTPS) requirements (and most do), you can pay Federal and State taxes through RemitOne, our third party processor. Rather than having the IRS debit your account, you can initiate tax payments electronically. Download, complete and return our *Electronic Tax Payment Enrollment Form.

Courier Service

Exchange Bank offers bonded, qualified pickup and delivery of check deposits and reports at your place of business.

Wire Transfers

Initiate quick and easy domestic and international transfers through EB Online and maximize the use of your funds for investment or debt pay–down purposes.

Account Analysis

Account Analysis statements are prepared monthly for your business or commercial checking accounts and detail account activity, average balance and services for your total deposit relationship. At a glance, you can review your total deposit relationship and use this information to make the right cash management decisions:

  • Monthly statements are provided for each individual account as well as a composite
    statement summarizing activity in all accounts.
  • An earnings credit allowance is calculated monthly and used to offset activity fees.
  • The analysis statement will provide details of all services utilized during the month
    including Cash Management Services

Company Employee Direct Deposit Package

Direct deposit is a cost effective and efficient way to handle payroll for employees and managers. As an Exchange Bank client, your employees can benefit from a direct deposit program that carries an excellent package of benefits. We will supply a packet of information for you to present to your current and new employees as a “benefit of employment.” Exchange Bank will assist you in every way possible to ensure your employee’s account opening process is simple.

Merchant Services – Smart, easy, cashless commerce solutions.

Exchange Bank offers a variety of solutions for businesses that accept credit and debit cards. For additional information, please contact our Merchant Sales Officer at 707.524.3064.

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** Deposits made after 7:00pm will be credited the following business day.

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