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Merchant Services

Smart, Easy, Cashless Commerce Solutions.

Credit and debit card purchases are the payment method of choice for most consumers. Experience Exchange Bank’s end–to–end solutions in electronic transaction processing and access your merchant account information
24 hours–a–day.

Merchant Account Info Online Access

With Exchange Bank you can access your merchant account information from the privacy of your home or office when it’s convenient for you. Check deposits, transactions, view your statement and more!

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Electronic Transaction Processing Options:

  • PIN–Secured & Signature Debit Card
  • Credit Card Services
  • Check Services
  • Featured Risk Services
  • Hospitality Solutions
  • Web–enabled Services
  • Gift and Loyalty Cards
  • Purchasing and Commercial Cards
  • Fleet Cards
  • EBT Cards
  • Virtual Terminal

PIN–Secured and Signature
Debit Cards

Debit (including PIN–secured and signature) is the fastest growing payment options in the U.S. With connectivity to all the major debit networks, including the largest (STAR), you have the opportunity to:

  • Increase ticket sales
  • Virtually guarantee payment (PIN–secured debit)
  • Reduce fraud, losses and costs
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Offer cash back (PIN–secured debit)

Credit Card Services

Comprehensive swipe to settlement services for today’s most widely accepted credit cards:

  • Visa®
  • MasterCard®
  • Discover®
  • American Express®
  • Diner’s Club®
  • JBC

Check Services

Minimizing the risks and losses associated with check acceptance is crucial in today’s marketplace. Check services including verification, conversion, authorization and warranty, allow you to:

  • Reduce returned check volume
  • Faster funds availability through the ACH network on check purchases
  • Create detailed reporting and settlement documents

Featured Risk Services

Reduce loss associated with identity theft and fraud:

  • Reduce check fraud
  • Enhance check acceptance decisions at the point of sale
  • ID validation
  • Detect invalid and counterfeit identification instantly
  • Prevent unauthorized access to age–sensitive goods and services as well as to high security items

EBT Cards

The Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card is the identification card allowing customers to access funds electronically from their government–authorized food stamp or cash benefit accounts.

  • Hospitality Solutions
  • Web–enabled Services
  • Gift and Loyalty Cards
  • Purchasing & Commercial Cards
  • Fleet Cards
  • Virtual Terminal

Hospitality Solutions

We provide specialized payment terminals designed to meet the unique needs of the restaurant and hotel industries. We are also certified for most software or point–of–sale solutions.

  • Restaurants: bar tabs, tips, tip reporting, and much more
  • Lodging: check–in/check–out, full reporting and integrated retail processing for gift shops

Web–enabled Services

Internet–based payment processing offers fast transaction times without the added expense of satellite or leased–line connectivity. Our complete solution for the e–commerce site or brick–and–mortar location:

  • Provides processing, authorization, and settlement
  • Combines processor and gateway functionality
  • Offers easy web services integration

Gift and Loyalty Cards

Gift and loyalty cards are the fastest growing products to hit retail in years, offering:

  • Reduced administrative costs associated with paper–based certificates
  • Increased store revenue by eliminating cash back
  • Faster and more accurate transactions
  • Advertising and branding opportunities
  • Repeat visits and customer loyalty

Purchasing and Commercial Cards

If you process business–to–business, government or military transactions you can accept purchasing and commercial cards through point–of–sales terminals and specialized software. Many corporations use purchasing cards to:

  • Eliminate paperwork
  • Reduce processing costs associated with small value payments

Fleet Cards

Government and large corporation employees regularly make purchases for fuel, service, and repairs with Fleet payment cards. Tap into some of the most popular Fleet card programs including:

  • MasterCard Fleet
  • Visa® Fleet
  • Voyager
  • Wright Express

Virtual Terminal

A browser–based payment and PCI (Payment Card Industry) solution that far surpasses software–based solutions and requires only a computer, a browser, and access to the web.

  • No software updates — ever!
  • Feature rich, but easy to use
  • Designed for best–rate qualification
  • Recurring and installment payments
  • PCI Data Security Standards Council compliant



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