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Business Online Banking

Comprehensive Financial Management at Your Fingertips.

Learn more about our digital banking platform.

Online Banking

  • Review balance information and reconcile accounts
  • Pay bills
  • Move funds between accounts
  • Concentrate and disburse funds via ACH
  • Initiate wire transfers and stop payments
  • View images of your checks online
  • Receive online statements

FASTcheck Digital Deposit

Make deposits electronically 24/7 from the convenience of your office with FastCheck Digital Deposits.

Positive Pay

Positive Pay safeguards your company against check fraud by comparing check issued information to checks presented for payment.

Wire transfers

Initiate quick and easy domestic and international transfers online and maximize the use of your funds for investment or debt pay–down purposes.

ACH collections and disbursements

ACH disbursement quickly and conveniently disburses your company’s payments electronically using the ACH system. ACH disbursement is ideal for payroll and a variety of other kinds of payments such as dividends, interest, expense reimbursement, insurance claims and vendors.

Account reconciliation

Increase accuracy, reduce office labor and paperwork. Account reconciliation services are designed to minimize the time and effort spent on the account reconciliation process.

Electronic tax payments

If your company meets Electronic Federal Tax Payments Systems (EFTPS) requirements, you can pay Federal and State taxes through RemitOne, our third party processor. Rather than having the IRS debit your account, you can initiate tax payments electronically. Download, complete and return our Electronic Tax Payment Enrollment Form.


Make federal and state tax payments by visiting remitOne®.