There is no minimum if you are opening a California Uniform Transfer to Minors Act (CUTMA) account.

2 $250 minimum opening deposit for (1) Fixed Rate IRA certificate of deposit accounts with terms up to 23 months and (2) Variable Rate IRA certificate of deposit accounts for all terms.

The monthly maintenance fee is waived for the first two account cycles after opening the account.

IRA certificate of deposit accounts are charged $15 annually in December for an IRA plan with total plan balance less than $20,000. Total plan balance includes all IRA accounts with Exchange Bank under the same ownership.

5 You must designate the deposit accounts or certificate of deposit accounts you want us to link to your account for combined balance waivers. For each designated linked account, the period of time that we use as the basis for calculating the balance, and the day that we use to determine the balance may be different from the monthly account cycle of the benefiting account. The combined balances will be calculated three days before the monthly account cycle date of your account to determine eligibility for maintenance fee waiver.