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Disaster Relief & FAQs

EB supports you through challenging times

Customer FAQs
Avoiding Fraud
How do I protect myself against fraud?
The National White Collar Crime Center identifies several types of disaster fraud specific to natural and man-made disasters. Types of disaster fraud to understand and be aware of include:
  • Fraudulent Charitable Solicitations – This fraud involves people posing as both legitimate (e.g., Red Cross) and non-existent organizations with workers collecting money to assist with disaster relief.
  • Price Gouging – During times of crisis, some businesses increase the prices of vital goods in demand or in limited supply, thereby increasing profit at the expense of the victims of the disaster.
  • Contractor and Vendor Fraud – This happens when an individual poses as a contractor or repairman with no intention of actually repairing damages.
  • Forgery – Commonly forged documents include insurance checks, reimbursement checks stolen from mailboxes, federal emergency assistance checks and building permits and receipts for claims submitted to insurance companies.

To read the entire newsletter and learn more about disaster fraud and tips on how to protect yourself, click hereto view the newsletter..

Additional Resources

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) provides resources to help consumers avoid post-disaster fraud:

The County of Sonoma provides Local Consumer Alerts to inform and protect the public is an advocacy organization offering a Roadmap to Recovery program to help disaster victims navigate their insurance policies.

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