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Business Overdraft Services

Overdraft Options

Exchange Bank recommends that you do not overdraw your account. However, to protect against an occasional, inadvertent overdraft, we offer certain overdraft services. These services include our Overdraft Protection Service, Overdraft Line of Credit, and our Business Overdraft Program. For more information on these options, refer to our Business Overdraft Program disclosure, call 707.524.3000, 800.995.4066 or visit one of our branches.
Overdraft Protection Service:
Automatically transfers funds from your designated business checking, business savings or business money market account to avoid an overdraft in your business checking account.
Everyday debit card transactions
ATM Transactions
Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions, electronically converted checks and electronic bill payments
Recurring debit card transactions
What’s Covered?
We will pay items by transferring available funds from your linked deposit account in the exact amount plus a $10 fee, once at the end of the day.
Business Overdraft Program:
Sole Proprietor checking products only – Exchange Bank’s Business Overdraft Program is our discretionary overdraft service. Using our Business Overdraft Program is expensive and may not be the best option for you. If your account is eligible, a Business Overdraft Program limit will be assigned to your account. Refer to the Business Overdraft Program Disclosure for additional information, including terms and conditions.
Our Business Overdraft Program offers three coverage options:
Coverage Options
Other Debit Payments (excluding one-time ATM/Debit card transactions)
Recurring Debit Card Transactions
One-time Debit Card Transactions
ATM Withdrawals
No Business Overdraft Program Coverage
Standard Business Overdraft Program Coverage
Full Business Overdraft Program Coverage

For each transaction listed above that we pay, you will be charged a $32 Overdraft Fee if the transaction overdraws your account, up to $320 per day (which equals ten Overdraft Fees or NSF Return Item Fees). We do not charge the $32 fee if, after all transactions presented to your account on any given day are paid or returned, and your account balance is overdrawn by $10 or less. We also do not charge a $32 fee for individual transactions paid or returned for $10 or less. Subject to the “Force Pay Transactions” described below. You can decline or opt out of this service at any time.

If you have opted-out or declined Business Overdraft Program coverage there is no fee.

Force Pay Transactions:
There may be instances where we will pay a transaction even if you do not have sufficient funds in your account to cover the transaction and are not enrolled in our Business Overdraft Program. Some common transactions where this occurs involve purchases of gasoline, hotel rooms, or meals at restaurants. When this happens, our processing system cannot determine that the amount of the hold exceeds the actual amount of your purchase. This temporary hold, and the amount charged to your account, will eventually be adjusted to the actual amount of your purchase, but it could be three calendar days, or even longer in some cases, before the adjustment is made. Under these circumstances, we will still pay (or “force pay”) the transaction and you will not be charged a fee.