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SBA PPP Loan Forgiveness


The Small Business Administration has announced that Paycheck Protection Program funding has been exhausted and that the PPP application portal stopped accepting applications on May 4, 2021.

SBA PPP Loan Forgiveness

Exchange Bank is committed to supporting our business customers. We provided nearly 2,900 loans totaling more than $383.5 million through the SBA Paycheck Protection Program.

We are excited to announce the launch of our Exchange Bank Forgiveness Portal.  If you received your PPP loan through us, your forgiveness application must also be processed through us. Please see the following instructions to access your loan in our online portal.

We are committed to working closely with you to process your forgiveness application.

Exchange Bank Forgiveness Portal Registration Instructions

Your loan number is located on Page 1 of your loan Note document

Please take note of these special points about Portal Users:

  • Multiple individuals can create their own individual portal login for the same company, and share access to the forgiveness application.
  • One individual can access forgiveness applications for multiple loans. Follow the steps below for each loan and be sure to use the same email and password every time. You will then be able to toggle between different loans.

Step 1: Click on the link to access the Exchange Bank Forgiveness Portal

Step 2: Enter the Company Tax ID number or Social Security number (Sole Proprietors) into the EIN or SSN box.

Step 3: Enter the SBA Loan Number (with no dashes) into the SBA Loan Number box. You can find the loan number on page 1 of your loan Note document.

Step 4: Click on “Find Your Loan” and verify it by selecting the correct loan amount.

Step 5: Complete your login by entering an email address and password. (Note, if you are accessing multiple loans, you should use the same email and password.)

If you have any issues with your login, please contact our Customer Care Center at 707.524.3000 or 800.995.4066.

Additional Resources

The U.S. Treasury and Small Business Administration (SBA) are responsible for the rules of the program which determine the amount of loan forgiveness you may receive. This can include full, partial or no forgiveness. We encourage you to visit the SBA website for the most up-to-date Paycheck Protection Program Loan Details and Forgiveness rules and guidance.

Reference Tools

We highly recommend that you review these appropriate documents before starting the forgiveness process in the portal.

Thank you for your business.