Privacy & Security

Customer Accessibility

Exchange Bank Accessible Services

Telecommunications Relay Service

Exchange Bank provides telephone customer service for individuals with hearing impairments through Telecommunications Relay Service providers.


We have reviewed our locations for compliance with ADA, state, and local accessibility laws.


Accessible ATMs

Talking ATMs

We provide talking ATMs with voice instructions for customers who are blind or visually impaired. Earphones are available to customers free of charge.

Physical Access

Exchange Bank ATMs meet the Americans with Disabilities Act maximum height and reach requirements.

Online Accessibility

Control font sizes and colors

Use the font size controls in your Internet browser to make text larger. Our web pages were designed to allow you to change font sizes or colors without significantly changing the page’s layout.

Document Formats

We provide alternative document formats for information on our web pages. iStatements are available in HTML and PDF format, we recommend HTML for users with screen readers.

Link Titles

We’ve added descriptive link titles to our web pages to assist users with screen readers.

Page Headings

Each subject on our web pages is started with a heading. These headings allow users with screen readers to review page content quicker.

Image Equivalents

We provide a text equivalent of images on our web pages identifying the contents of the image.