Emily Menjou, CTFA - Personal Trust Fiduciary Manager
Debbie Campas, CTFA - Personal Trust Officer

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A combination of expertise and care.

Our trust officers have a strong technical understanding of estate planning and tax laws, combined with a caring and compassionate nature—a unique blend of characteristics that result in superior trust administration. 

When named trustee, Exchange Bank administers trusts established for a wide variety of reasons, such as providing benefits for a surviving spouse and managing assets for children and grandchildren.

  • Provide benefits for surviving spouses
  • Manage assets for children or grandchildren who are too young to receive a large inheritance
  • Protect adult children who engage in self-destructive behaviors
  • Provide for individuals with special needs who may lose government assistance if they receive an inheritance
  • Ensure that non-profit organizations are funded for years into the future
"Having grown up in Santa Rosa, I am deeply committed to serving clients' needs in my local community. I strive to form connections, solve problems, and help clients achieve financial success."

Emily Menjou, VP, Personal Trust Fiduciary Manager

Bundle with investment management.

By combining trust administration with investment management, our trustee services are often more cost-effective than those which take an unbundled approach.

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