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Investment Management

Investment Management Information


Our core philosophy centers on asset allocation, diversification, and low cost investment vehicles. Asset allocation—the percent to which a portfolio is invested in various asset classes (for example: stocks versus bonds)—is the most critical decision in portfolio management as it provides a balance between risk and reward. We do not take unwarranted risk in an attempt to beat the market. Once asset allocation is determined, risk is minimized by diversification across asset classes.


We implement a core–satellite approach primarily through the use of broadly diversified mutual funds which capture the broad equity and fixed income markets, both domestically and internationally. Depending on your time horizon and capacity for risk, the core investment vehicles are enhanced with the use of lower correlated satellite asset classes which help to reduce portfolio volatility and increase expected returns over time. We have access to some of the lowest cost funds available, which helps to increase net returns without additional risk.


As a fee-only fiduciary investment manager, we do not accept commissions of any kind. Therefore, our judgment is not influenced by the possibility of receiving compensation for any transaction we might make. Our fee is based on the market value of your account. If the account goes down in value, our fee goes down proportionately. This means our financial interests are in alignment with yours.

Meet Our Team

Our team is comprised of a group of certified individuals in the areas of trust administration, estate settlement, retirement plan management and investment management. With combined financial experience of over 250 years, our team has the capacity and expertise to provide personal services tailored to your financial needs.We have offices located in Santa Rosa, Roseville and Silicon Valley.