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Trust Administration

Trust Administration Information

Whether you are looking for a trustee of your own trust, or you’re a beneficiary of a trust created by someone else, look no further than Exchange Bank. Our trust officers possess a strong technical understanding of estate planning and tax laws, along with a caring and compassionate nature—a unique blend of characteristics required to provide superior trust administration.

When named trustee, Exchange Bank administers trusts established for a wide variety of reasons and causes:

  • To provide benefits for surviving spouses
  • To manage assets for children or grandchildren who are too young to receive a large inheritance
  • To protect adult children who engage in self-destructive behaviors
  • To provide for individuals with special needs who may lose government assistance if they receive an inheritance
  • To ensure that non-profit organizations’ important causes are funded for years into the future

By combining trust administration with investment management, our trustee services are often more cost effective than those which take an unbundled approach.

Meet Our Team

Our team is comprised of a group of certified individuals in the areas of trust administration, estate settlement, retirement plan management and investment management. With combined financial experience of over 250 years, our team has the capacity and expertise to provide personal services tailored to your financial needs. We have offices located in Santa Rosa, Roseville and Silicon Valley.